Our People

hard hatRRT is able to provide single responsibility for complete projects by having its own functional divisions specializing in the areas of project development, design & engineering, construction, and operations management.

RRT builds your business by providing you a fully integrated package from initial planning to commercial operation. RRT’s engineering staff is recognized as experts in integrating proven and advanced technologies into successful projects. Our history is having driven technology development and cutting edge projects in this industry.

Our engineering design staff integrates process systems into complete site specific projects including buildings, roads, scales and other required infrastructure.

Our construction and field service staff provide all project and construction management, both on and off site to build your project. Installation and commissioning of equipment systems is performed and managed by RRT’s Construction Management/Field Service Division. Specializing in the recycling and waste processing industries  has allowed our projects  to become successful business ventures for our customers.

Training and plant commissioning is performed by our highly experienced operations and maintenance group. Hands-on and classroom training are routinely performed with a high emphasis toward safety and production efficiency.