Energy recovery from various waste streams is an important part of the processing infrastructure in North America. The types of energy from waste includes electricity or steam from mass burn or RDF systems,  gas from anaerobic digestion systems or through other biogas conversion technologies, and  liquid fuels converted from recovered gases. This category also includes industrial processes where waste is used directly as an alternative fuel or a catalyst in the production of cement, steel or other materials.

RRT has long been a contributor to the energy segment of the industry. Most notably, RRT has engineered, designed, built and commissioned almost a dozen ash handling, metals recovery systems. These sophisticated recycling modules are integrated with upfront waste to energy facilities and mechanically separate ferrous and non-ferrous metals for recycling from the ash following the energy production process.   

RRT SIGMA Engineering: Constructability and maintenance access are critical design elements considered by RRT SIGMA’s designers and engineers for cost-effective and resilient foundation design, electrical interconnections and overall system integration. Fast-track regulatory approvals are accomplished by proper sequencing and effective designs addressing all stakeholder concerns.