Project Development

The successful project moves from conceptual to commissioning along a very complex path. RRT’s mission is to help build your business. To do that, we add value by making the path easy to follow and the admission price manageable within the context of your overall budget. Our experience enables us to work with you from the earliest stages of conceptual development onward.

We know that the correct project development path for your project is unique. While the path can take many directions, some are redundant, not necessary and a misuse of your development funds. There is one path, however, that is the most cost effective and will result in you reaching your ultimate goal; completing your project and making it profitable. RRT can lead you on that path. Along the way, as needed, we will complete the work needed.

  • Planning Studies
  • Capital and Operating Cost Modeling and Analysis
  • Engineering Feasibility Studies
  • Plant Design & Layout
  • Site Planning, Design & Layout
  • Architectural and Engineering
  • Preliminary Engineering & Design
  • Cost Estimates
  • Equipment and Construction Bid Document Preparation
  • Environmental Impact Statements
  • Permitting