RRT’s clients require integrated process systems to separate commodities and other material fractions from various input streams of commingled recyclables or waste.  RRT is the leading design build engineering firm for both recycling and waste processing. The infrastructure for processing commingled recyclables, including single stream materials, is fundamental to the overall success of recycling from residential and commercial sources in North America. RRT has been at the pinnacle of this infrastructure’s evolution for over 25 years.

Maximizing diversion requires the processing of various waste streams to separate and recover recyclables not captured through source separation and other material fractions including organics, non-recyclable fiber, non-recyclable plastics and certain other materials. RRT leads the industry, providing integrated systems for waste processing. All downstream organics or energy recovery processes require successful upstream processing of waste.  RRT’s experience of successful waste processing projects is extensive. Along with RRT’s commodity, waste and systems recycling experience is expertise in the specialized worlds of e-scrap processing, document destruction, ash handling and metals recovery.   We have successfully completed over a dozen projects that include some of the world’s most sophisticated processing facilities.