Safety on the job site is the primary concern of each individual associated with that work. RRT’s safety program has been developed over many years and is integrated into every aspect of its project and construction management systems. Worker Safety and compliance to the latest local, state and OSHA regulations are fully adhered to. We are proud of our safety record and eager to share it. It is the result of our people’s serious attitude towards it, which is at all levels of our organization.

Project Management
We are dedicated to complete each project on schedule. In fact, there are numerous instances where we have completed the project weeks or even months ahead of schedule earning early completion bonuses. How is this possible? Very simply, RRT has a proven system that carefully and efficiently coordinates all the activities required for the project. The key aspect of this success is knowing what the activities are and the details to get them done. We have in place a strict and rigorous Project Management process to ensure successful project completion, implemented through our experienced team to manage and coordinate all off site and on-site work.

Local presence is important. RRT approaches each construction project with the same established approach. We establish a project office locally during the construction phase. We maintain the office for the life of the project.

We manage all site and building construction, equipment assembly and erection, commissioning and start-up. Single-source of project management results in faster completion of the project, limiting any questions regarding responsibility.

RRT’s construction services typically include Project Management & Scheduling; Installations & General Contracting; Negotiation of Contracts; Solicitation of Bids; Budget Control; and Commissioning & Start-Up.

Why choose RRT?

Since 1989, RRT has been directly responsible for nearly $500 million of turnkey, design/build projects. Innovation, performance and leadership best describe RRT’s accomplishments. The majority of RRT projects are “greenfield” and require not only the equipment system but also the full services of planning, permitting, site development, engineering, building construction, personnel training, plant start-up and commissioning. With over 400 projects successfully completed,   we truly are expert in bringing your plant on-line trouble free.

We carry all the necessary licenses and insurances to perform construction throughout the United States.  RRT differentiates itself from its competition by guaranteeing its performance, committing to tangible deliverables, budgets and schedules, thereby assuming risk normally assumed by the client. Clients recognize RRT facilities to operate at the lowest operating and maintenance costs industry wide.

RRT means…

Full Service in
Every Facet of Your Project
Guaranteed Completion and Systems Performance