Operations Management

RRT, early in its history, operated 15 high volume MRFs and other recycling facilities. Though no longer an operator of facilities, this experience knowledge permeates the business development, design, engineering, construction and other services we provide related to recycling and waste processing projects.

RRT’s operating experience and services which we continue to provide our clients includes all areas of responsibility from staffing and training to maintenance and materials marketing. For all new equipment systems and facilities we are routinely asked to provide services during the commissioning period thereby assuring the client of a complete working facility already in operations. Our operations services include:

  • Incoming Materials Logistics Analysis
  • Staff Development Training
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Financial Analysis
  • Operations Modeling
  • Maintenance & Safety Programs
  • Commodities Marketing & Trading
  • Plant Improvement Programs

RRT’s Plant Improvement Programs (PIP) are of special interest to many of our clients. With commodity prices never being enough, recycling and waste processing facility operators focus efforts on reducing operating costs. Our PIP process we will identify cost saving opportunities through operational efficiency improvements at your facilities. We will perform an on-site assessment with you to define the project scope and the specific PIP plan best suited for your facility.

RRT staffing and test procedures are custom tailored for each individual facility. On site, comprehensive evaluations including labor studies, time and motion studies, system capabilities, equipment efficiencies, etc. are performed which formulate the basis for our recommendations. All recommendations will be quantified to project actual expected annual savings. Our PIP team possesses broad knowledge and expertise in all areas of recyclable material handling, MRF operations, transportation, maintenance and material marketing. RRT has completed PIP assignments at over 125 operating recycling and waste processing facilities. Some PIP testimonials include;

“I would strongly recommend that all Plant Managers have their facilities evaluated by RRT.”
Mike Lauderdale, Little Rock, Arkansas

“I am very pleased with the analysis and report put together [by the team]. The information is very helpful and will lead to many improvements here.”
Rich Abramowitz, Fort Worth, Texas

“There was ‘value added’ to our operation as a result of the PIP process.”
Greg Grant, Prince George

Able to reduce staff by 9 people.
Mike Taylor, Universal Recycling

“I appreciated the great ideas on throughput.”
Steve Rehbein, St. Paul, Minnesota

Improved productivity on paper sort line by 35%.
Don Byrnes, Grand Rapids, Michigan

“We did achieve substantial labor savings.”
Jim Astor, Sunset

Decreased staff and improved productivity yielding a monthly saving of up to $10/ton.
John Beatty, Denver South

“The measurements and subsequent analysis by the team proved helpful in assessing and evaluating various aspects of the operation. By quantifying the different inputs and outputs of each MRF function, detailed data now exists upon which to base production and other management functions.”
Bert Luer, Dade County, Florida

“The report was helpful in pointing out some great opportunities to make money.”
Joey Smith, Nashville, Tennessee

“The PIP plan was well received, pointing out alternative methods that improved production and the bottom line.”
Gene Suslowicz, Richmond

Able to reduce staff by 9 sorters, bettering the bottom line.
Peter Wilson, Toronto

“It is to the credit of RRT that our program is achieving its budgetary and operational goals. We have seen a tremendous improvement in all aspects of the program thanks to the expertise and experience of the RRT staff.”
Ann Moore, Burlington County, New Jersey